Wendy Davis Mocks Texas on The Daily Show

Democrat long-shot Wendy Davis appeared on The Daily Show Monday, apparently because that’s where she thinks her voters are. Or maybe it was another out-of-state fundraiser. Davis does a lot of those.


While Davis was there, Jon Stewart tossed the softest of softballs at her. He played up anti-voter ID propaganda as if it’s fact, but hey, he had his clown nose on when he was telling that lie.

The trained audience booed at the mere mention of Greg Abbott’s name. Unluckily for Davis, none of them actually get to vote in Texas.*

Davis mocks the state that she wants to make her its governor at the end of this clip. Stewart notes that a college ID is not a valid form of ID for voting, but a gun permit is.

Davis laughs. “Welcome to Texas!” she fires back in scorn.

And that should be that for the Texas election. Wendy Davis really has just been on an MSNBC audition tour all this time.

*The Daily Show is filming in Austin this week, so some in that audience probably do get to vote in Texas. From the sounds of things, they might like to vote more than once but voter ID will prevent them from doing that.


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