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Former Homeland Security Chairman: 'No One Should Feel Safe'

The former chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee warned “no one should feel safe” after a week that saw Canada weather separate attacks from ISIS sympathizers.

Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) stressed “we’re at war with Islamic terrorism and a particularly evil group in ISIS, and they want to attack as many people as they can.”

“They focus on the military and the police and monuments because it gives them attention. But they will kill anyone they can. If they can attack a shopping center, a subway train, an airport, they will do it. Right now, for the sake of symbolism, they are talking about the military. But, no, we should be protecting everything we can,” King warned.

“And we should be aggressive. We should be on offense. We should not be politically correct. And the only way to really stop this is to go into the Muslim communities and find out who is good, who is bad, get any kind of tips, informants, whatever we have to do.”

The congressman noted that the NYPD was doing that for years “until those people at The New York Times, those liberal ideologues, and the Associated Press, the Civil Liberties Union tried to stop that.”

“There is chatter among the terrorist groups about attacking the United States, attacking the infidels. That’s there. And we know that ISIS has a commitment to attack the United States, especially since we, rightly, began the war against them back in September. And they want to strike back and they want to show that they still have a lot of firepower in them and that we’re not going to be safe anywhere. Part of it is to break our will and our morale so we will back off from them. But in event, they want to attack us no matter what.”