Fresh Out of Real Support in Texas, Wendy Davis Tweeps Steal Pic of College Republicans

Well, this is curious. Take a look at this tweet.

It’s a retweet of a Wendy Davis retweet, in which the Democrats’ fading hope to take Texas retweets a fan claiming that she and her friends all just turned out to vote for Wendy Davis



Only, they didn’t. The photo is actually of a bunch of College Republicans. In Virginia. They didn’t vote for Wendy Davis.

Funny thing, Wendy Davis has raised much of her campaign money outside Texas. Maybe her campaign staff think voters outside the state can make her governor?

As you can see, the original tweeter is a @Lisa_In_Austin.

Or, was.

That person has gone off the Twitter, at some point after the above tweet was captured and retweeted. You can Google the handle and see that it did exist, until some point today. And then it disappeared. After the Republicans called it out.

But it’s still live in the official Wendy Davis Twitter feed.


What happened to @Lisa_in_Austin?

It kind of makes you wonder, Wendy Davis keeps tweeting photos of people that she claims are Texans who voted for her. But did they? Or are they purloined people like the young Republicans above?


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