Charlie Crist Sneaks His #1 Fan Behind His Debate Podium

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) and former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist (What is he today? Riiiiight, Democrat) were supposed to debate last night.

Crist snuck a little fan behind his podium, which is an odd thing to do.


Crist has a destructive history. As a Republican, his 2008 endorsement foisted John McCain on America to go up against Barack Obama. McCain was nearly half a century older than Obama at the time. Then he switched from Republican to Independent to Democrat because Marco Rubio was about to clean his clock, and Charlie Crist has no principles, other than promoting Charlie Crist.


I was told a few years back that a certain very famous talk-show host always had a fan behind his desk, to drive noxious fumes that emanated from him, away from his guests. Not sure if that’s relevant to the Crist situation. It’s a weird call, sneaking a fan behind your podium and placing it by your feet, aimed straight up at your mid-section. Whatever could it be for?

In any case, Gov. Scott at first refused to debate after learning that his opponent had a fan advantage. There were boos and general rancor. The moderators debated among themselves whether they had ever seen anything of the like.

They had not.

Gov. Scott did eventually come out and debate Crist.

Take a look.


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