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Joni Ernst Raises $6 Million For The Home Stretch


Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst has over $3 million in the bank going into the final stretch of the competitive race, her campaign announced Friday.

Ernst said that she raised $6 million between July 1 and Sept. 30. Of that, $302,000 went to pay off debt from her primary campaign. She concluded the financial quarter with $3.2 million in cash.

Ernst is locked in a tight race against Democrat Bruce Braley. She substantially outraised him in the latest quarter. Braley’s campaign said last week he had raised $2.8 million in the same time period. Braley’s campaign declined to say how much cash he has left.

This race has been a statistical dead heat for weeks and would be the crown jewel of pickups for Republicans if Ernst can pull it off. Her campaign has spent its money wisely on some good ad thus far so there is a real good chance they won’t blow it on the same old tired Rovian stuff that hasn’t moved a needle since 2002.