'Nobody is Following Obama Because They're Not Sure If He is Committed to Winning'

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said he “can’t believe” that President Obama is “not reacting more forcefully to a threat to our homeland.”


“I don’t know when you hit bottom in foreign policy, but when you are being criticized by Jimmy Carter, you are pretty damn close,” Graham said of the former president’s criticism of Obama’s ISIS strategy.

The U.S. launched new airstrikes around the besieged border city of Kobane after essentially wanting reporters to change the subject of the impending massacre by ISIS forces.

“It shows that the airstrikes are not containing or degrading ISIS in any significant way. If that town falls, thousands will be slaughtered. That breaks one’s heart. Humanitarian disaster,” Graham told Fox last night.

“But the stronger they get over there, the more endangered we are here. President Obama’s strategy of half-measures is making it much more likely that America will be hit by another terror attack. If they take Kobane, they will be able to recruit more and more jihadists from Europe and other places. They can come back here and strike us at home. His strategy of air attacks is not working. His insistence not to have boots on the ground is a death blow to our efforts to destroy ISIL and, quite frankly, puts our country very much at risk.”


Graham said it’s certain that ISIS’ safe havens in Syria and Iraq “are going to eventually be used to attack us here at home.”

The senator called Turkey’s reticence at getting involved in saving Kobane and its allowance of jihadists to flow into Syria “a symptom of a greater problem.”

“Nobody in the region is following Barack Obama because they are not sure if he is committed to success and to winning… Turkey is a NATO nation. They have tanks within just a couple miles of this town. It is stunning that they won’t go in to help the people on the other side of the border,” Graham said. “But I think the root cause of this problem is that our allies are not sure about America and our enemies are no longer afraid of America. And that is a formula for disaster. “


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