Conservative Group's Video Leads's Ad Contest and MAYDAY.US are running a video contest about money in politics. Contest judges are all liberals — George Takei, Jason Alexander, Zephyr Teachout and Cenk Uygur are among them.


Help us reduce the corrupting influence of money in politics by creating a 30-second video ad that could run on national TV. Put on your creative hats and let’s win our democracy back!

Contest ends at 5:00 p.m. ET on Thursday, October 16, 2014. The sooner you post your video, the more time you’ll have to get votes.

The scourge! The horror!

The backfire!

The failure to mention George Soros!

Conservative group American Commitment entered the contest with this ad. It’s an ad that leftwing MoveOn probably didn’t expect — it takes on one of the left’s major moneybags of this and the past couple of electoral cycles. American Commitment’s ad is worthy of airtime on broadcast or cable.

“The winning entry in this contest should be about America’s number one fatcat campaign contributor, Tom Steyer — and we have submitted an entry to shine a spotlight on him and on the role hypocritical liberal billionaire contributors play in stoking feigned outrage about conservative donors,” said Phil Kerpen, president of American Commitment, in an email to the Tatler.


“We’ve looked at the other entries and are confident that if this is an honest contest and not a partisan charade, our entry will easily win.”

At the moment, there is just a little under a week left in voting. Head here to cast a vote if you’d like.

Right now, American Commitment’s ad is hammering the competition. It has racked up more than three times the number of votes of its nearest competitor in the leftwing video competition.


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