Headline of the Day: 'Ebola-Killing Robot Developed in Texas'

Bring your puny superbug into the Lone Star State, and we shall build a weapon and kill it.

San Antonio, TX (KENS) – A local invention may turn out to be a key piece of technology in the fight against Ebola. It’s a robot used by hospitals to disinfect and destroy bacteria and viruses.

Meet “Little Moe” the germ-zapping robot.

“What’s inside here is a xenon bulb,” said Mark Stibich, PH.D.

That bulb emits powerful UV light, which fuses the DNA of a virus and kills it. This powerful technology is now being used in 250 hospitals across the U.S. Little Moe was developed in the Alamo City by Xenex. Its customers include the University Health System in San Antonio and the Dallas hospital where doctors are treating the first man ever diagnosed with Ebola in America.


A video at the link shows the robot in action. It has a Star Wars-like domed top, but isn’t much like a medical droid in the films. It just flashes light — deadly light — and gets the job done.

We’ll need to build an army of them to defend the republic.


Eh. Those are clones, not droids.


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