Thomas Eric Duncan May Face Charges in the US

The Dallas district attorney is considering whether to bring charges against Ebola patient zero Thomas Eric Duncan, a citizen of Liberia, according to KDFW-TV in Dallas.


Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins says his office is considering whether to charge Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person to be diagnosed with Ebola in the U.S.

“We are actively having discussions as to whether or not we need to look into this as relates to a criminal matter,“ Watkins said during a recording of NBC 5’s Lone Star Politics Friday. “If it warrants a Dallas County prosecution then we will pursue it. But it may be more of a federal issue.”

After the recording, Watkins admitted he does not know exactly what the DA’s office could charge Duncan with.

Duncan traveled to Dallas knowing that he carried the virus, and he left the hospital after his first visit without telling personnel there that he had been exposed to it.

Numerous other people have been charged in infection cases, mostly with infecting others with the AIDS virus. In 2013, David Magnum was charged in Missouri with recklessly infecting as many as 300 people after he knew that he had contracted the AIDS virus. He could face life in prison.



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