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D’Souza-Obama Conundrum: Discretionary-Applied Laws are Meaningless

We have seen this kind of politically motivated déjà vu before. A deafening and palatable punishment applied to a pundit, politician or celebrity while the same fate never even does a meet-n’-greet with a similar or worse “egregious” actor. Blame it on well-polished Teflon reputation and deep-pocket friends. Yet now supporters of conservative author and filmmaker, Dinesh D’Souza are voicing outrage at his court ordered re-education sentencing that includes five years of probation, eight months in a “community confinement center” (whatever that is), one day a week of community service, mandatory therapeutic counseling (for what exactly?), and a whopping fine of $30,000 (which is quite high considering it’s more moola than the candidate D’Souza was trying to support).

Abhorrence to D’Souza’s inequitable punishment were seen in American Thinker where William A. Levinson eloquently dug up some reverse karma by with Obama’s unconventional and potentially illegal lottery campaign funding.

Is it possible that U.S. Attorney Eric Holder’s successor might investigate Obama’s unconventional 2007 – 2008 campaign funding or take a harder look at Wall Street’s staggering misconduct and the IRS Lois Lerner lost email scandal? Most critics contend that whoever takes Holder’s helm will be far too overwhelmed to do much better yet most can agree that it would be hard to be a bigger screw-up than the incumbent who is best known for getting Wall Street: ‘the best deal they can”. And what does this mean for D’Souza? Frankly, it means be careful what you wish for aka conservatives will continue beating Obama over the head with his own lottery campaign video.