VIDEOS - White House Spokesman Questions Kansas City Royals Manager's Leadership, but Not the Head of the Secret Service

Tuesday night, the Kansas City Royals almost blew their post-season when manager Ned Yost pulled his starting pitcher and replaced him with Yordano Ventura, a starter who had just pitched on Sunday.


Ventura coughed up a three-run shot, the Royals fell behind to the A’s in the one-game playoff and had to claw their way back to a win.

Ok, fine. It was a terrible call.

But the United States Secret Service has made a series of worse blunders lately. They let a guy jump the White House fence and run deep into the presidential family’s residence. They missed a shooting, in which bullets struck the White House, for days. The Secret Service allowed a man with convictions on his record to get near the president, with a firearm.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest is far more interested in questioning Ned Yost’s leadership than that of Secret Service Director Pierson. Take a look at this pair of clips from MSNBC today.

In the first, Earnest says Pierson is “more than qualified” to continue leading the Secret Service. Even Mika Brzezinski has a hard time buying it.

In this clip, Thomas Roberts notes that Earnest is happy to question Ned Yost’s leadership of the Royals, but will not question Julia Pierson’s leadership of the Secret Service. Brzezinski delivers a little coup de grace at the end.


This whole thing…last night on my colleague Rick Moran’s radio show, my other colleague, Bridget Johnson, described how early in the Syrian civil war, she spoke with a general who defected and wanted to get the defectors’ story into Washington publications so that the Obama administration would see it and act. I joked that the general’s heart was in the right place, but his strategy was wrong. He should have gotten his story placed on the sports page, because that’s one of the few things that the Obama administration really pays attention to.

Too bad that’s not a joke.


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