VIDEO: Has Obama Intentionally Placed Political Correctness Above National Security?

On the Fox News program “The Five,” left-wing contributor Bob Beckel got a little heated in an exchange with his fellow panelists when Dana Perino and Andrea Tantaros asserted that President Barack Obama has “intentionally” prioritized political correctness above national security interests. Beckel was censored by the network, apparently swearing at his cohort in response to what he called “unbelievable” comments.


The episode coincides with news that outgoing United States Attorney General Eric Holder will soon announce changes to Department of Justice policy eliminating the national security exemption on a ban of racial and religious profiling. Holder’s decision comes almost immediately after the Council on American-Islamic Relations publicly called upon him to do so.

Is it hyperbole to suggest that Obama values political correctness above the safety of American citizens? It’s kind of like asking whether a drunk driver values getting home in his car over the lives of innocents on the road. No drunk ever gets behind the wheel thinking they’re about to kill someone. Rather, they minimize the threat that their intoxication poses. In a similar way, Obama may not intent for American citizens to be harmed by Islamic militants. But his administration clearly minimizes the objective relevance of racial and religious identity to the operations of groups like ISIS.

Co-host Greg Gutfeld puts it this way:

[Obama] has actually expressed a desire to quell this hypothesized backlash of Americans against any kind of threat to us. He’s always been concerned with Islamophobia. So the idea that [political correctness] trumps safety – he would almost agree with it, because that’s his belief. He believes that there’s an American potential for backlash, and that might affect our appeal worldwide. That’s what he’s worried about… I’m not saying that he’s not interested in our safety. But he is more interested – his priority has always been about our reactions to an external threat as opposed to the external threats [themselves].


Obama sees a greater evil in the minds of Americans than in the deeds of Islamic totalitarians. That’s clear from the conduct and posture of his administration.

Note: Watch video of Bob Beckel’s breakdown, along with my expanded podcast commentary, on the next page.

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