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Do Democrats Have an 'October Surprise' Up Their Sleeves?

Democrat strategist Bob Beckel warned Republicans that the Democrats have a surprise coming, during yesterday’s episode of The Five.

“I’ll tell you: I would expect an October surprise,” Beckel said on Thursday. “I think I know what is — I’m not going to say it, but I think I know what it is — and it is going to shake things up, and it has to do with national security.”


Video at the link.

What could it be?

The Democrats’ base no longer vote on national security, or at least they don’t vote in favor of national security. What could the Democrats come up with that would help motivate their base and bring moderates around to their side?

I can’t think of much. Perhaps the capture of Mullah Omar or a major ISIS leader. But if that’s a planned “October surprise,” unveiling it at some strategic point means the actual act has already been accomplished — and it’s being kept under wraps for political reasons. That will backfire.

If it’s Obama’s amnesty, we already know all about that. It’s baked into the election now. It’s not helping the Democrats.

So what could it be?


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