Obama's Counterpart In France Has Tanking Approval Ratings Too

You know, the one who admits to being a socialist.

The beleaguered French president, François Hollande, has spoken of his “ordeals and pain” following the publication of his former girlfriend’s kiss-and-tell memoirs, but vowed to see out his term in office despite sinking approval ratings.

In a rare press conference aimed at restoring the nation’s flagging faith in his presidency, Mr Hollande on Thursday defended his record and insisted his government was up to the challenge of lifting France out of economic crisis, reducing unemployment and cutting the deficit.

It was only towards the end of the two-hour televised session that he was forced to respond to a question about the bestselling book by his spurned former girlfriend, the journalist Valérie Trierweiler.

The book portrays him as a cold-hearted, power-obsessed hypocrite who pretends to dislike the rich but in reality despises the poor and derides them as “toothless”, an enormously damaging accusation for a socialist.


A socialist who is a hypocrite about wealthy people? DOES ANYONE HAVE SMELLING SALTS?

I will take socialists somewhat more seriously when I meet a powerful one who voluntarilygives away everything except the bare minimum he or she needs to survive and then is still committed when the government comes after even that.

Also, how delicious is it that a French president is falling apart because of an affair?



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