Way to Bury a Major Ferguson Lead, New York Times

Gateway Pundit has been reporting that police Officer Darren Wilson sustained an eye injury in an altercation with Michael Brown. But that reporting is based on anonymous sourcing, and there are so many agendas flying around this story that it’s wise to be skeptical of everything you hear.


The New York Times has a new report today that corroborates that Wilson did sustain an injury. They bury it near the end of the story.

“My client sees the officer pull a gun and hears him say, ‘I’ll shoot you’ — then ‘pow!’ there was a shot,” Mr. Bosley said, referring to the one that apparently went off in the car. “He did not describe a scuffle. It was more of a scuffle for him to get away.”

Asked if Mr. Brown had punched the officer, Mr. Bosley said that Mr. Johnson “did not observe that.”

However, law enforcement officials say witnesses and forensic analysis have shown that Officer Wilson did sustain an injury during the struggle in the car.

What sort of injury? The Times doesn’t say.

If Wilson sustained much of an injury at all, it suggests that Brown reacted to him with hostility. It may also suggest that Wilson had reason to fear for his life, so self-defense may have been involved.

The Times does report that Dorian Johnson’s attorney says that Wilson grabbed Brown’s throat, while sitting in his squad car, and Brown was standing outside the car.


Contrary to what several witnesses have told law enforcement officials, Mr. Bosley said that the officer then reached out of the window with his left hand and grabbed Mr. Brown by the throat.

Brown was 6’5″. How does an officer sitting in a squad car grab Brown’s throat? Either he didn’t, or Brown was bending into the car.

Besides that, we’re taking the word of someone who had just helped Brown in the robbery at the store nearby. That robbery may have had drug and gang ties. How good is his word?

h/t Allahpundit, who has much more.


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