MADD Releases Mild Statement on Rosemary Lehmberg

Ever since the indictment of Gov. Rick Perry, thousands have been calling on Mothers Against Drunk Driving to make a statement about Travis County DA Rosemary Lehmberg’s drunk driving.


MADD has released a statement today. Here it is.

MADD supports government officials, regardless of political affiliation, who take drunk driving seriously. At the same time, we are dismayed each time we hear someone has made the choice to drive drunk – especially those we hold to a higher standard, such as elected officials. Drunk driving is 100% preventable and completely unacceptable, no matter the person behind the wheel, their profession or political party.

In the specific case involving Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg, MADD Texas publicly expressed disappointment with her actions, and we are grateful that no one was injured or killed. We reiterate that sentiment in light of recent events. Following her sentence, Mrs. Lehmberg offered a monetary donation to MADD Texas, which was accepted and used specifically to serve victims of drunk driving in Texas.

Just like last year’s events now being re-played in the media, we want to steer clear of the politics and focus the story on the importance of making the safe choice to designate a non-drinking driver if alcohol is involved.

Shorter MADD: Donate to us and we won’t come after you.



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