Can Obama-Hack PAC 'Battleground Texas' Turn a Big Red State Blue? What Should the GOP Do?

As PJ Media readers know from my colleague Bryan Preston, Battleground Texas has a well-funded, boots on the ground, long-term strategy designed to turn Texas toward the Democrats. It’s run by former Obama political hacks. Their activities this year are virtually indistinguishable from Democrat Wendy Davis’ campaign for governor.


Currently, Republicans hold all statewide offices, and control the legislative and executive branches of Texas government…not to mention two U.S. Senate seats. So it seems a tough nut to crack, but they’re going for it.

At last weekend’s RedState Gathering, talkradio host Mark Davis (KSKY 660AM, and frequent sub for Rush Limbaugh) joined me on stage to gauge the threat from Battleground Texas, and to plot the approach that conservatives can use going forward to build stronger relationships with people who love liberty.

(BTW, I’m about halfway through Davis’ new book, Lone Star America: How Texas Can Save Our Country, and highly recommend it if you want to hear about a land where your principles are more than mere campaign promises.)

Democrats flipped Colorado. Could they do it again? Watch the video, and join the conversation in the comments below.


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