Abortionist: Abortion Is a 'Sacred Decision'

This video is confusing.

In the video above, Dr. Willie Parker — a doctor who performs abortions — says “The fierce opposition to women making this, what for them is a sacred decision, is ever-present in at least every place that I’ve been.”


Here’s what’s confusing.

Dr. Parker says that opposition to abortion is mostly grounded on religious beliefs, a debatable proposition but a reasonable one. Because of that, he says, in the minds of the pro-life community, defending the life of the unborn is a sacred duty.

He then says that he belongs to a group called the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, and that their position is that a woman choosing to terminate her pregnancy is “equally sacred.”


For decades, the pro-choice side has characterized abortion as just removing a wad of cells, or a blob of tissues.

What’s sacred about that? We don’t talk about removing cancerous tumors as a “sacred” decision.

If it’s not a life, then what exactly is “sacred” in the decision to rip it out?

On the other hand, if we’re making “sacred” choices here, shouldn’t government funding for all Planned Parenthood and abortion-related activities cease? Separation of church and state…


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