Coulter to House GOP on Border Bill: Don't Pass Anything

Ann Coulter appeared on Fox and Friends today and commented on the ongoing debacle in the House over its border bill.

That bill, or anything that passes the House, stands nearly no chance of passing the Senate, and even less chance of President Obama signing it, unless it includes everything that he and the Democrats want. Yet the House is delaying its recess to pay something anyway.


Coulter says that’s not a good idea and the House shouldn’t bother.

Coulter calls the border crisis a “fake emergency, what is happening is Obama is violating the law as written.” Coulter points out that the 2008 Wilberforce law is intended to stop sex trafficking, and that hardly anyone currently crossing the border illegally is even claiming to be a victim of sex trafficking. That law also excludes anyone who crosses illegally who has family in the United States. Yet the Obama administration, says Coulter, is violating that law by transferring some of those illegal aliens to family living — often illegally — in the US.

So why shouldn’t the House pass something anyway, just to show that they’re doing something? Because it’s a trap, says Coulter.

“If they pass a fence bill it goes to conference,” Coulter said. “If it goes to conference, it could come out amnesty.”

Which is exactly what the Democrats, and some establishment Republicans, really want.



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