Dem Campaign Chairman: Obama Lawsuit Will Send Swing Voters Their Way

The chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee said that his party plans to emphasize how a lawsuit against President Obama would cost taxpayers in the run-up to midterm elections.


Republicans have not been able to pin a cost on the lawsuit as many variables are still unknown and yesterday’s vote simply authorized the speaker of the House to move forward with the lawsuit.

“The Republicans have focused all of their time and taxpayer money on suing the president, on talking about impeaching the president while Democrats are focused on solutions for the middle class. That’s what an election is all about,” DCCC chairman Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) said on MSNBC.

“And by the way, it is another example to the American people of hypocrisy. I mean, don’t you love these congressional Republicans who want to pass reform to stop lawyers from filing frivolous lawsuits who today will pass a bill to spend millions of dollars to stop the president in court?”

Israel called it “another act of supreme hypocrisy that convinces the American people that these Republicans are just badly out of touch, just about their self interest and their special interests.”

During yesterday’s floor debate, House Administration Committee Chairwoman Candice Miller (R-Mich.) said cost shouldn’t be the issue. “What price do you put on the adherence to the rule of law?” she said.

Israel told MSNBC “anytime that Republicans talk about impeaching the president and anytime that they focus on suing the president, you can expect our base to be energized and it is.”

“And not only as our base energized, but the fact of the matter is that the Republican strategy has badly backfired on swing voters,” he said. “Swing voters by their very nature do not want process, they want progress. They don’t want one branch of government suing another branch of government. They want their members of Congress to be focused on student loan relief. They want their members of Congress to be focused on growing their paychecks. They want their members of Congress to be focused on passing legislation to make sure that a woman gets paid the same as the man for equal work. And the more they see this Republican Congress just completely obsessing in their hatred of Barack Obama, the more convinced they are that we need a different majority this November.”


The lawsuit, Israel argued, “is a campaign strategy that they cooked up.”

“They have calculated that this is a midterm election and that they have to gin-up their base. That’s why you have 50 repeals to the Affordable Care Act, it’s why you have the Benghazi hearings, it’s why you now have a vote on a lawsuit. This is intended to gin-up their base,” he said. “The strategy is backfiring. It is ginning-up their base. It’s also energizing our base and creating an erosion of support by persuadable swing voters for Republicans.”


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