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Confirmed: Illegal Alien Kids Will Be Going to Publicly Funded Charter School in Texas

KRGV reports that a refurbished detention center in Karnes City, TX, will be used to house hundreds of women and children who crossed into Texas illegally.

The center’s rooms, called “suites,” have only been used to house adult illegal aliens in the past, but with the recent surge of unaccompanied minors from Central America, it will now be used to house kids too.

KRGV’s story says that the illegal aliens will only be housed at the center for an average of 23 days, or that’s the federal government’s claim. The facility includes flatscreen TVs in each suite, plus ping pong tables and even an astroturf soccer field.

But in the story’s final paragraph, there is a suggestion that the stay will be longer than 23 days.

A charter school nearby will provide schooling and access to a library for the immigrant children.

Charter schools are publicly funded independent schools, and are intended to allow American students to escape failing public schools. Now this one will be used to give illegal alien kids access to the quality of schools that many American kids cannot obtain.