Deval Patrick Not A Fan Of Hillary's 'Inevitability'


Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, who raised eyebrows earlier this year by questioning the sense of “inevitability” around Hillary Clinton’s potential presidential candidacy, emphasized Thursday that he’s worried Clinton’s inner circle will perpetuate an “off-putting” feeling of “entitlement” surrounding her possible White House bid.

“I worry about the campaign; I don’t think it’s so much her,” the Bay State Democrat said during an appearance on WGBH-FM, a public radio station in Boston.

Patrick added that he had a chance to speak with Clinton at a biotech conference in San Diego last month but said that he and the former secretary of state aren’t close.

“It’s not like we’re pals,” he said.

Patrick, echoing comments he made to CNN earlier this year, said the feeling of inevitability played a role in sinking Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign.

“The worry of that is that that can be interpreted by people as entitlement. And that can be off-putting to folks,” he said. “They want you to sweat for it.”


The real big rift in party politics isn’t between the GOP establishment and the tea party conservatives (although that is genuine) but between the Clinton Democrats and the Obama Democrats. The media, of course, won’t talk about it because they just get too emotional when mom and dad fight.

Patrick and the New Guard aren’t impressed by Her Madameship and, thanks to a better relationship with the press, aren’t afraid to mention it.

He was very kind to imply that it’s only her perceived sense of entitlement that is off-putting.


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