Is Elizabeth Warren The Democrat King/Queen Maker This Election Cycle?

Don’t laugh. There is a tendency by most conservatives to dismiss Warren because they think she’s ridiculous. Yet she’s building momentum and out there endorsing candidates.


You know who isn’t endorsing candidates? Barack Obama. Even a toxic Democrat loon who isn’t up for reelection this year thinks it’s a bad idea.

If you find anyone tripping over themselves to get Hillary out on the campaign trail, let me know.

Warren, however, is so golden a longshot moderate Dem in West Virginia is hoping she’ll turn out the progressive base for her in the primary.

She seems to be positioning herself to make a run in 2016, even if she says she isn’t.

Gosh, it’s just difficult to imagine a foregone conclusion like a Hillary win in the Democratic presidential primary being upset by an upstart challenger who’s only been a Senator a little while…


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