Soros Funded Pro-Immigrant Group to Target Waco

An email alert was sent out this afternoon from the Detention Watch Network. They plan a protest event tomorrow morning at the Jack Harwell Detention Center in Waco, Tx. According to them, this facility is just not quite good enough for the detaining of immigrants due to issues such as a lack of a legal library there, no on site medical facility, etc. However, previous complaints they have made to ICE were not given any validation:


“U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is committed to providing all detainees in our custody with safe detention environments. The Jack Harwell Detention Center meets the applicable ICE detention standards and has successfully passed inspection reviews. Independent detention inspections are conducted by private contractors with extensive corrections experience to ensure quality assurance over the review process, consistency in the application of detention standards, and verification of corrective actions, if any. ICE is open to discussing any concerns with our partnering agencies regarding the detainees housed at their facilities.”

Their headline suggests that this is just the beginning of a highly orchestrated national effort:

Event is Part of Nationwide Actions to Stop the Immigrant Lock-up Quota and Immigrant Detention

This well financed email campaign was sent out from someone at Fitzgibbon Media, a progressive PR firm. Seems costly for another “grassroots” movement, but this is no low budget group. Sponsored by Soros’ Tides Foundation and sharing the same floor at a Washington DC office building with Jim Wallis’  Sojourners and Fund for the Republic (a Lawrence Lessig/Mark McKinnon related effort to get their campaign finance reform back in place), this movement comes from the same place as all the rest.


Members of the Detention Watch Network include the ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Ctr., Ella Baker Ctr. for Human Rights among others.

According to this linked report, they also report their findings directly to the UN.

Back in March, another story came out from Aaron Klein on the Detention Watch Group, describing the meeting between their illegal immigrant director, Catalina Nieto, her Code Pink delegation and DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson. She has been illegally employed here for many years. In addition to her previous years working under Soros sponsored organizations, it is interesting to note the previous relationship with Jim Wallis as well. We must also keep in mind that Wallis represents the Evangelical Immigration Table we have exposed previously. Klein reports:

Nieto was a national grass-roots organizer at Witness for Peace, which claims to support “peace, justice and sustainable economies in the Americas.” The group was founded by Rev. Jim Wallis’ socialist Sojourners group.

As we continue to find so many orchestrated moves and intertwined groups involved in the massive flood of immigrants deluging our borders, it would be hard to conclude that this has not been a preplanned event on a massive scale. The Detention Watch Network, with help from just about everyone on the Left, has made it clear that they have nationwide plans in store. But this is just one of their many groups. Who else can we expect to see manipulating us?




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