WATCH This Burger King Worker Go Nuts Attacking Peaceful Pro-Life Demonstrators

This video is really not safe for work.

There’s no nudity or anything (thankfully), but an unidentified woman wearing a Burger King uniform goes absolutely insane attacking a couple of peaceful pro-life demonstrators from Created Equal.


She runs the gamut of insults, calling them m-f’ers, shouting about “white male privilege” and just generally going unhinged. She can’t finish a sentence without spouting off leftwing talking points or shouting obscenities. Both, most of the time.

It’s clear that she provokes the confrontation. The protesters are just standing there when she walks up and starts verbally assaulting them. She kicks one of the signs, breaking it, and takes a couple of swings with her fist at the camera operator. That’s assault. Time to call the police. Or an exorcist.


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