Wendy Davis has a Huge Problem. His Name is Barack Obama.

President Obama is in Texas this week, for fundraisers in Dallas and Austin. One of those is a fund-raiser with Robert Rodriguez, director of the pro-illegal alien revenge flick Machete. That movie postulates that there are no non-Americans south of the border at all. They’re all just “illegal Americans.”


While he is in Texas, Obama refuses to visit the border. On Tuesday, his spokesman Josh Earnest explained the decision by telling the media that because several administration officials have visited the border, Obama doesn’t need to.

But when she was atop the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano told Obama and the rest of the country that the border is “safer than ever.” That has turned out not to be true. Not even close. Kids can get across the border, which means that drug smugglers and terrorists can too.

How can Obama be sure that his current officials are any better informed than his former one?

Obama has never been popular in Texas. Mitt Romney beat him here like a drum.

Thanks to the crisis that is unfolding on the border and around the state right now, Obama is becoming even less popular. A Rio Grande Valley Democrat is even suggesting that the border crisis is “Obama’s Katrina moment.”

Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Texas, is worried President Obama’s decision to not visit the U.S-Mexico border while he’s in Texas this week will become his  “Katrina moment.”

“I’m sure that President Bush thought the same thing, that he could just look at everything from up in the sky, and then he owned it after a long time,” Cuellar said Monday in a Fox News interview with Neil Cavuto. “So I hope this doesn’t become the Katrina moment for President Obama, saying that he doesn’t need to come to the border. He should come down.”


Take a look at Rep. Cuellar’s district.



It slices right into the heart of the Rio Grande Valley, the Democrats’ stronghold in Texas.

Cuellar says he got an angry call from the White House after Tuesday’s remarks. But that won’t stop him from speaking out against the president’s decision not to visit the border.

If Cuellar is as worried as he seems, then the president’s disaster at the border stands to hurt Democrats there, which means they have no shot at all of winning anything statewide. None.

Wendy Davis has already had her own problems in the RGV. She has struggled to raise money there, and tried pandering to the region’s heavily Catholic vote by claiming, against all the known facts, that the late-term abortion supporter is somehow “pro-life.”

Davis has recently met with President Obama but refused to allow the media in, which means that she refuses to be seen or photographed with him.

But she cannot avoid him. Communities in the RGV are having to foot some of the bill for the massive influx of illegal aliens. The porous border presents the valley’s families and communities with serious security threats. That region is already struggling with a Democrat corruption problem in Hidalgo County. The Texas Democratic Party is a wholly owned ideological subsidiary of the Democratic National Committee, which under Obama has become beholden to the far left. Those politics just don’t fly in most of Texas. Obama’s decision not to visit the border signals to the Rio Grande Valley that he flat out does not care what is happening there.


Rep. Henry Cuellar seems to get that. He is speaking out to defend the communities in his district from President Obama’s irresponsible handling of the border crisis.

Wendy Davis lacks either the judgement or the courage, or both, to follow Cuellar’s lead. Davis will continue to run from having her picture taken with the president, but she just can’t get away from his policies. She isn’t even trying to. Her campaign has gone full Koch brothers, when Texans care about our security and our economy. Wendy Davis has offered voters nothing serious on either issue. She wants blue state economic policies, which are proven job killers, and she has come very late to the border issue. She has yet to say a word against Obama’s decisions.

As a Democrat in a conservative state with a strong Republican nominee running for governor, Wendy Davis was always destined to struggle. The decision to embrace the hard left and not criticize Obama’s border policies at all leaves Wendy Davis with no shot — none — to win in November. She’s finished.

More: Here’s what the president would rather do, than visit the border.


If there are any adults left in the Democratic Party, they’ll get with the president and tell him to knock this stuff off. Rep. Cuellar might do that. It’s clear that Wendy Davis will not.


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