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Dishonest, Ant-Christian President Does What a Dishonest, Anti-Christian President Does

Barack Obama’s official Twitter feed has this to say today.

I know, I know, Obama doesn’t even write his own tweets. That one isn’t signed by him, so his allegedly independent PAC workers wrote it for him. But they wrote it in his name and he won’t take it down, even though it’s a full blown lie.

Women have the same choices today that they had last week. A small fraction just can’t force their bosses to pay for their choices now. Because their rights don’t necessarily reach into other people’s wallets.

If you don’t want you boss involved in your decisions, don’t force your boss to pay. Right, Sandra?

Limbaugh Apology

Let’s just lay this out about Barack Obama. This man hates Christian values, he hates private property, he hates any and all challenges to his power, and he is as dishonest as they come. No lie is too small or too audacious. He lives to provoke. It’s in his nature. It’s what community organizers do. They don’t lead, they don’t unify, they agitate and they aggravate.

Get ready for two more years of this garbage. And get ready for his prog base to love him even more for it.