Valerie Jarrett Lives In the Obamas' Private Quarters?


I haven’t read Edward Klein’s Blood Feud yet, and take its anonymous sourced-claims with a sizable salt chunk, but this in the Blaze’s coverage jumped out:


While followers of the White House are aware of Jarrett’s sway as the president’s closest consigliere, the extent of this closeness is somewhat staggering based on “Blood Feud.” Klein writes that Jarrett was more powerful than Rahm Emanuel and William Daley, the president’s first chiefs of staff — in fact according to Klein she is the most powerful presidential adviser since Harry Hopkins of FDR’s White House. Jarrett is so close to the Obamas that she reportedly “moved permanently into a room in the family’s private quarters, referred to by the White House staff as “the Residence.”

Jarrett’s nickname as “the nightstalker” — which she acquired for her habit of following the President and first lady back to their private quarters — seemed innocuous. But this goes to a whole other level of creepy, so much so I have a hard time believing it’s true until more sources back it up. Could Jarrett have really been living with the first couple for Obama’s whole presidency and the story is just now getting out? Or did she not move in until after the second term started?

Is there any time in history a supposed “senior adviser” has actually moved into the first family’s private quarters? What’s actually going on here?


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