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Meriam Ibrahim Faces New Charges in Sudan

She and her family will not be safe until they are out of Sudan for good.

“There are new charges relating to her relationship to her father,” said the source. “Possibly to prove that she is Muslim, but nothing has been served so it’s unclear.”

Muslim relatives intend to take her to court to prove that she belongs to their family, according to Ibrahim’s supporters. The new charges were filed in a Sudanese family court, with a trial date set for Thursday, according to her attorneys.

Ibrahim’s case first came to the attention of Sudanese authorities back in August, after members of her father’s family complained that she was born a Muslim but married a Christian man. The relatives—including her brother– claimed her birth name was “Afdal” before she changed it to Meriam and produced a document that indicated she was given a Muslim name at birth. Her attorney has alleged the document was a fake.

Ibrahim says her mother was an Ethiopian Christian and her father a Muslim who abandoned the family when she was a child.

“I was never a Muslim,” she told the Sudanese high court during her apostasy trial. “I was raised a Christian from the start.”

Ibrahim’s loving, tolerant Muslim family are using loving, tolerant sharia law to try to kill her. There are claims of a property dispute tied up in all this, but the fact remains that sharia is available as a weapon, and her relatives are using it.

It may take a squad of Marines to get her and her family out of there. If that’s the case, then that’s the case. Get on with it. Her husband, Daniel, is an American citizen.