Walmart Rebuts 'Wildly Inaccurate' NYT Article

Successful businesses, and the individuals who fuel them with a relentless pursuit of value, are under daily assault from a culture which demonizes gainful work while seeking alms from its produce. Few companies endure more persistent attack than Walmart.


Typically, companies remain silent in the face of criticism, taking their lumps while remaining focused on the essentials of doing business. However, like the beleaguered businessmen and women of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, there comes a time when the nation’s producers must raise their voice in defense of their virtues.


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For Walmart, that moment has come. The company’s corporate communications vice president, David Tovar, has responded to a hit piece published by the New York Times with the perfect balance of truth and snark.


Marking up the piece with red ink, as a teacher might correct a student’s sloppy draft, Tovar sets the record straight regarding Walmart’s many contributions to their community of employees, vendors, and customers. “We are the largest taxpayer in America,” Tovar highlights.

It’s a good first step for the corporate leader, and a fine example for businesses and business people everywhere. If you don’t defend yourself, who do you expect will?

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