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What Is Thad Cochran Thinking About?

Do we have a meme here? I dunno. Maybe we have a meme.

Grizzled NFL veteran Brett Favre came out this week endorsing MS Sen. Thad Cochran in the state’s Republican primary runoff. Favre stars in an ad for the embattled long-time senator. Cochran currently trails challenger, state Sen. Chris McDaniel, in the runoff that’s set for next week. The US Chamber of Commerce produced the Favre ad, which inexplicably lacks interceptions, indecision, and Crocs.

Honestly, the Chamber has a mixed record. It has been good on issues like Obamacare and the Keystone. Bad on immigration reform. The Chamber doesn’t seem to grok that the Democrats want to use unbridled immigration to shift demographics to the left, to win itself unchallenged power. Even though the Democrats in Texas are totally open about that being their only hope of ever winning anything in the state again.

Maybe it’s evidence that my caffeine hadn’t kicked in the first time I watched Favre’s ad. Maybe it’s a sign that I’m still basically a 16-year-old in my head. Whatever it is, the first time I watched the ad through, instead of listening to Brett Favre’s sage political advice, I LOL’d at this screen of the six-term senator. He just looks so…



I think the look he was going for is “determined leader.” But that’s not really how it reads. On Twitter I asked, “What is Thad Cochran thinking about?”

Ben Howe answered.


Maybe he’s concentrating on the name “Eric Cantor.”

Update: Got it. It’s Grumpy Thad.