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I’m in the midst of a bracket betting pool for the World Cup, so I’ve become a soccer fan. But one game in particular caught my attention.

Nigeria and Iran were playing each other in what turned out to be the worst match of the tournament so far. Yes, you read that right—two countries with some of the worst upheaval and negativity played some unwatchable futbol against one another.

Iran is an obvious enemy: they have slaughtered innocent people based on what type of Muslim they are (let alone non-Muslims), they’ve funded terrorism, and they’re building up their nuclear weapons program…I mean energy program…

And Nigeria is the subject of much media and political criticism over the last few months, as Boku Haram are running rampant within their country. This is the organization that kidnapped many young girls, sparking the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls to pop up everywhere.

Celebrities like Ellen Degeneres and Michelle Obama held up handwritten signs, in petition to the Nigerian and US Governments to do something to get these kidnapped girls back.

Now don’t even get me started on the silliness of Michelle Obama holding a sign. This woman is married to the most powerful man in the world! If she really wanted to impose a solution, her own husband could have effected the most change.

I was thinking about this social media campaign, when I happened upon another, more recent, Twitter hasthtag sign. This one (pictured above) was held by singer/songwriter Matisyahu. It reads “#Bring Back Our Boys.”

About a week ago, three teenage boys were abducted in the West Bank in Israel. The terrorist organization Hamas is responsible for the kidnapping of Eyal Yifrach, 19, Gilad Sha’ar, 16, and Naftali Frenkel, 16. Frenkel is an American citizen from New York.

The Israeli Government has been pressuring Hamas, by taking away privileges of Hamas members in prison, and by arresting known links to the group within Israel.

And the University of Haifa launched the #BringBackOurBoys social media campaign. Matisyahu is one of the only internationally famous celebs to post something about it though.

Where are the others? Why did #BringBackOurGirls get so much more public attention than #BringBackOurBoys? Especially considering one is from the US?!?

I think it is reprehensible that celebs would get involved when it was Nigerian kids taken, but not get involved in an Israeli situation. These Israeli teens deserve just as much concern and international pressure.

Tweet this if you agree:

I pray the kidnapped boys will get home safe, and that Hamas eventually stops conducting these acts of terror. I hope for a peaceful resolution to all Israeli conflicts. #BringBackOurBoys @PJTatler