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New Contest: Democratic Party Screws Up Flag Day


Flag day

Image tweeted by DNC on Flag Day

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Happy Flag Day!

BizPac Review has what I am calling a “so sad it’s funny” post about the botched attempt by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to celebrate Flag Day on June 14.  Instead of Old Glory the DNC tweeted our contest photo.

Now all PJ Media patriots can plainly see that this is not a traditional flag, but flag bunting normally used to decorate stages and tables on patriotic occasions.

This major national faux pas would be like using a GI Joe doll to represent Veterans Day.  (Or submit your own analogy.)

Not only did the DNC tweet fail to honor the real Stars and Stripes of Flag Day but was there some perverse symbolism on display?

For example, the flag bunting resembles the Texas state flag and the child looks Hispanic. Was this image supposed to rally sympathy and support for thousands of unaccompanied minors from Central America who are flooding Texas and Arizona?

Was the DNC suggesting that all these children will soon be flag-waving Americans?

Was the DNC implying,  “With his help, Texas will turn from Red to Blue?”

Was the DNC using Flag Day to further align the party with Hispanic voters?

What subliminal message was the DNC sending by not using a real flag on Flag Day?

Am I reading too much into this?

Your mission is to caption this photo, ask some questions, or offer some thought bubbles from either the flag bunting or the adorable little boy who might be President some day.

If you are mad as hell that the party in control of the White House and the Senate can not even properly tweet a flag on Flag Day, here is your chance to vent.

The only contest rule is TRY to stay somewhat classy and patriotic.

Finally, I could not resist and must pose the question, “Is this the future of Flag Day?”

Flag a lincoln