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The Left Lies Even When the Telling the Truth Would Help Them

Bloomberg-funded Moms Demand Action is trolling the Oregon shooting with a bloody graphic. The graphic claims that since the Newtown massacre, there have been 74 school shootings — about one a week.



That number is based on this map, which is suppose to show all those incidents since Newtown.



The map is based on data provided by the anti-gun group. It has been pushed through the mainstream media without any fact-checking whatsoever.

Charles C. Johnson fact-checked the 74 claim. You probably won’t be shocked to learn that nearly half the incidents reported don’t belong in a dataset of “school shootings.” Many of the incidents are suicides, after-hours violence, gang violence, etc. Not “school shootings” as we commonly understand that phrase.

That still leaves 41 since Newtown. Which is a terrible number. Shocking, actually.

But the gun grabbers just had to have their “one shooting a week since Newtown” talking point. And they were willing to lie to get it.

President Obama himself amplified the talking point yesterday, when he also admitted that if he had his way he would take up your guns.

This may seem like an obvious thing to say, but it’s not obvious to them so I’ll say it. Until the leftists stop lying about so many issues, they don’t deserve to be trusted at all. They don’t deserve to be listened to or taken seriously. There’s nothing to talk about. In fact, no true discussion can even be had.

The fact is, despite the shootings that get so much media attention, violent crime is down and violent crime involving guns is down. Not every shooting involves handguns or so-called assault weapons, the weapons leftists tend to target. We can keep crime down not by disarming law-abiding citizens, but by continuing to be vigilant against violent crime by punishing it harshly. Keep criminals off the streets and in prison.

But that’s not sexy and doesn’t give Bloomberg and his special interest groups anything to take away from law-abiding Americans. It doesn’t keep to the left’s narrative that blames the system or privilege for the acts of criminals. So it doesn’t interest them. Lying is just so much more fun.