June 10: Primary Colors -- Is a Shock Result Coming for Rep. Eric Cantor?

Six states are holding primaries today. They are:

Polls began closing at 7:00 pm eastern in South Carolina and Virginia. They close at 8 eastern in Maine, 8:30 eastern in Arkansas, 10 easter in North Dakota and Nevada. Click on each state above to track their results.


The only question in South Carolina’s senate races is whether Sen. Lindsey Graham will avoid a runoff by getting 50% of the vote (probably). The anti-Graham vote is split among roughly 14 candidates.

In Virginia, will Rep. Eric Cantor prevail weakly over challenger Dave Brat, or will he win thumpingly? Or will he win at all? In the very early count, Brat is ahead. But it’s early.

RealClearPolitics has a handy primary watch here.

Update: Trouble for Cantor? As in, big trouble for Cantor?



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