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Top Democrat: Keeping Promises to Veterans is Just 'Small Stuff'

Ron Fournier has an almost weapons-grade must read, on how Democrats are finally tiring of Obama. They’re discontent with his lack of leadership, his politicizing of all criticisms leveled his way, and for his general dishonesty. It’s a bracing read, especially for those of us who always saw through the guy to the skeletal socialist that lurked beneath the lofty words he spoke.


This ought to jump out at you:

Questioning why the Veterans Affairs Department hadn’t been overhauled months ago as promised by Obama, a senior White House official conceded privately to me, “We don’t do the small stuff well. And the small stuff is the important stuff.”

Taking care of sick veterans — and failing to take care of them, to the point that dozens of them die, while paying bonuses to the best cover-up artists in the VA — is, to the Obama White House, the “small stuff.”

That says more about the ghastly people atop this administration than any 1000-word screed I could possibly come up with.

And they’re saying it about themselves.

What else is just “small stuff” to these people?

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