Topless Feminist Stabs Putin Wax Dummy in Paris Museum

The radical group Femen has struck again. Known for its topless female protests, several Femen activists entered the famed Paris wax museum, the Musée Grévin, and proceeded to strip down to their shorts and, bare chested and in pure Buffy the Vampire Slayer fashion, plunged a wooden stake into the wax representation of Valdimir Putin.


As much as I’d like to accommodate those of you who are aficionados of certain parts of the female anatomy, website policy prohibits such a prurient display. However, here’s an after action photo:



The ladies of Femen, the fiercely feminist activist group known for topless protests, have apparently adopted a new role model: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Today they violently thrust a stake into the heart of Russian President Vladimir Putin, saving the world once and for all from “the Kremlin’s Dracula.” Only it was a wax version of him.

Members of Femen charged into the Musée Grévin in Paris this morning and attacked wax Putin where he stood alongside figures of President Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“Kill Putin! Ukraine has to be free!” the activists cry on their official blog. They are calling the protest a “symbolic act against the legitimacy of Russia’s dictator.”

Putin, a real ladies’ man, has yet to respond to Femen’s protest, but when a journalist recently asked him about Hillary Clinton’s remarks from earlier this year comparing Russian aggression in Crimea to Hitler in the 1930s, he responded by calling her a “weak” person who has “never been too graceful with her statements.”

After stabbing him thoroughly, the activists dragged Putin’s figure to the ground in front of the other Western leaders to symbolize Russia’s exclusion from the G8 this week.

“If the Kremlin’s bloodsucker will not be finished off by Femen’s stake,” the vampire slayers say, “it can be done with Slavic garlic and the Crimean bright sun!” Good to know they have a backup plan.


Femen is a virulently anti-religious organization — one might say they’re even loony about their opposition to organized religion. But, as this Guardian profile of the group points out, their real beef with the world is patriarchy:

Femen’s aims are straightforward, broad and radical. A war on patriarchy on three fronts, calling for an end to all religions, dictatorships and the sex industry. The group has been offered a space in a rundown theatre in Paris as headquarters, and it is here I meet Inna, 24, at the start of a training session with 20 young Femen activists. She is giving instructions on the correct stance – feet apart, firmly rooted, aggressive. Femen warriors never smile, she says, they are not there to please anyone. The group has been protesting topless since 2010, using their bodies to attract attention, to lure journalists, and they have been roundly criticised by some people, who accuse them of playing into sexist stereotypes.

Femen activists have broken into church services and put on obscene displays. They are as cold and as cruel, not to mention as arbitrary and insensitive, as any man who ever lived. Why would anyone want to substitute one form of tyranny for another?


Radical leftists never make any sense so it’s a silly question to ask.


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