Obama Admin Official Brandon Friedman Ramps Up Smears Against Bergdahl's Squad Mates

Jim Treacher and others caught a bizarre series of tweets today. Brandon Friedman, HUD’s deputy secretary for public affairs, tweeted out his deep, deep thoughts on the whole Bergdahl matter.


He accused Bowe Bergdahl’s squad mates of being “psychopaths.” No kidding.


There are more tweets at the link, including an ironic one in which Friedman inveighs against speculation about Bergdahl, while baselessly speculating about all the military men who now say Bergdahl deserted them.

Friedman has now scrubbed his Twitter bio, presumably in an attempt to cover up his presence in the Obama administration. Oops — too late!

Unlike most of the other hipsters who infest the Obama administration’s public affairs slots, Friedman actually did serve in the military. Which makes his smear of Bergdahl’s squad mates all the more disgusting. On the other hand, he wrote a John Kerry-esque book about the war. That’s probably why he was hired to the administration. Obama’s head hunters don’t look for veterans who served with actual honor and are proud of having defended freedom.


For those keeping track of all this at home, from one smear to another Obama’s minions are siding not with the soldiers who stayed on post and did their duty in Afghanistan, but with the soldier who thought the war was “lame” and is accused of deserting his duty, and possibly collaborating with the enemy.


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