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Reservation Coal Plants Get To Duck New, Onerous Regs For Now

Free pass.

Two of the Southwest’s largest coal-fired power plants straddle the San Juan River in northwestern New Mexico, one within clear view of the other.

But one of them didn’t factor into the Obama administration’s plans to reduce carbon dioxide emissions across the nation because it is on an American Indian reservation.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said it will hold off on emissions standards for four power plants on reservations to talk further with tribes and give them an opportunity to create cleanup plans of their own. If the tribes decline, the federal government will craft plans for them.

“There’s a different federal-tribal relationship than there are with states, so we wanted to take that into account,” EPA spokeswoman Liz Purchia said.


I thought we were taking “OMG YOU’RE KILLING THE PLANET!” into account? These plants are mere miles apart. If one can wait, why can’t the other?

It’s going to be rough for the Democrats when these junk science hippie fantasies of theirs begin hitting everyone’s utility bills.

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