Al Sharpton Stars in the Most Entertaining Video You'll See Today

Jason Mattera of the Daily Surge catches up with MSNBC’s Al Sharpton. Sharpton has a long, long history of making racist comments. He’s the only pundit I know of who has both a major racist hoax (Tawana Brawley) and blood from a racist smear (the massacre at Freddy’s Fashion Mart) on his hand.


So, while Donald Sterling is pretty bad, there’s a case to be made that Al Sharpton is worse. How did the reverend Sharpton end up as informant for the FBI anyway? That tends to happen when law enforcement has enough on you to make you turn against the bigger fish they’re really after.

Mattera doesn’t ask Sharpton about that. He asks Sharpton whether, in the spirit of Donald Sterling’s troubles, shouldn’t Sharpton be banned from MSNBC?

Sharpton isn’t amused. Roll tape.


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