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Pelosi: We Haven't Decided Whether to Boycott the Benghazi 'Kangaroo Court'

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi emerged today to offer her thoughts on the House select committee, which will investigate Benghazi. Democrats are mulling whether to demand full parity on the committee, participate in a minority status, or participate at all.

Pelosi signaled that she is leaning toward having her Democrats not participate at all.

Pelosi, who was in control of the House when it passed Obamacare over holidays and in late-night votes before even allowing members to read the full bill, complained about the process by which the Republicans are establishing the select committee. “Something happened in the caucus and the word was spreading last Friday and we didn’t get word about it until the rule was filed late Tuesday night, and the question now is what are the terms in which the Democrats could participate,” Pelosi, who presided over the passage of Obamacare despite the majority of Americans’ opposition to it, said.

She added that her preference is for Democrats not to join the committee at all: “We have made it clear that our caucus is clearly among those who say don’t have anything to do with it, and it is a kangaroo court, has been identified as such. Don’t dignify what they are doing…” and so forth.

Polls have consistently shown that Pelosi’s opinion on Benghazi is not shared by a majority of Americans. More than 60% say they want Benghazi investigated.