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Rand Paul Is Bonding with the Losers from the Last Election


Sen. Rand Paul is seeking new alliances with the Republican Party’s establishment wing during a Northeast tour that begins Friday in Boston.

The 51-year-old Kentucky Republican headlined an afternoon luncheon hosted by top lieutenants of former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. The private meeting comes as Paul weighs a 2016 presidential bid of his own.

Those close to Paul acknowledge he must broaden his appeal beyond the tea party and libertarian-minded activists who rallied behind his father’s long-shot presidential runs.

Even after all these years, I am still amazed at how the MSM can’t even toss out a four-paragraph quickie announcement without getting something wrong. The Tea Party people who support Rand Paul now aren’t limited to the fringe that his whacky daddy attracted. If that were actually the case, trust me, AP wouldn’t have even written this.

Also, it’s fine if he wants to get a group hug going with the Romney folk, as long as he doesn’t let them take over. The inbred political consultant system is a plague upon the Republican Party that needs to be cured immediately if we don’t want Elizabeth Warren to be the next president. The establishment types love to use Tea Party election losses as an indication that they can never win. When it comes to their own spectacular failures, they not only ignore them, they reward most of the people who did such an awful job.

It’s a model that really isn’t working anymore.