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Beyond Soviet: Some Decorating Tips for Jay Carney and Claire Shipman

Drudge linked to this story which revealed that White House Press Secretary Jay Carney and his wife (CBS News reporter) Claire Shipman adorn the walls of their home with Soviet propaganda posters.  a

No home decorated in mid-century modern totalitarianism is complete without some German themed posters.  Why stop at the 20 million killed by the Soviets that Clarie and Jay like to display while they cook up a Sunday morning brunch of muffins, toast and OJ? (The Carney’s note their favorite thing to do on a Sunday morning is sleep in.)  To round out their decorative theme, I’ve got some suggestions.

Here’s one that looks like the Red Army poster in the Carney’s kitchen.  Not as colorful, but it has that woodblock feel that Claire must be striving for:


The Carneys seem to like feminine themes, albeit totalitarian ones.  Here’s a wonderful poster showing the tenderness of motherhood in 1930’s Germany they might hang in their den:


Here’s an end table that might work perfectly in the Carney’s living room:


Why not thrown in some sculpture? This piece next to the Red Army poster could create a delightful contrast, sort of like Stalingrad.


Naturally, the Carney/Shipman household will not sport images and art representing bloody Nazi totalitarianism.  That the White House press secretary doesn’t recognize the moral equivalence of hanging art representing the bloody Soviet version of totalitarianism says a great deal.