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NPR Poll: O-Care More Popular Than Obama, Still Not That Popular

Throw this on your victory lap, Mr. President.

A new bipartisan NPR poll shows approval numbers rising for Obamacare —which is now slightly more popular than its namesake.

Our survey of likely voters, conducted for Morning Edition by Democrat Stan Greenberg and Republican Whit Ayres, shows the president’s health care law is still unpopular but it might not be as heavy a millstone for Democrats as expected.

The presupposition that it might not be a millstone for the Dems is based on the hope that all will run smoothly now that the reduced expectation number of seven million was kinda/sorta reached. As this is NPR assessing its own poll, it naturally wears rose colored glasses while doing so. Given that these are Obamacare covered rose colored glasses, they are probably the wrong prescription. Either way, the numbers for both the law and the man behind it aren’t exactly party-worthy.