Think Progress Upset That FNC And CNN Didn't Freak Out Over UN Climate Report

Dance, monkeys, dance!

The Floating Polar Bear Hand-wringing Brigade was so upset over the sane world’s lack of reaction to the latest extortion attempt from the United Nations that they even put someone from the graphics department on it and made a chart.


Wrap your heads around that: they are actually showing the amount of coverage by MSNBC to make the point that it’s a serious issue. The fact that Maddow and Co. were able to pull themselves off of Christie’s bridge long enough to talk about something else is the only thing worth noting here.

This is what we are up against when trying to court younger voters. These prog blogs may seem like outliers but they’re pretty indicative of what sadly passes for mainstream in academia. College kids are being pumped full of far left ideology every day and sites like Think Progress are viewed as serious sources for news.

Oh, and they are all fairly well funded.


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