Jonathan Pollard Prosecutor Says Releasing Him Would Be 'Literally Insane'

Because we have The Idiot King and the Easter Island Head in charge of diplomacy for this great nation, a spy who did a lot of damage may be released just to keep some talks going.


Jonathan Pollard, the former U.S. intelligence agent who was convicted of spying for Israel, could be released before the Jewish holiday of Passover as part of efforts to save Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations, an Israeli official involved in the talks told CNN.

Suggestions for deals for Pollard’s release have been floated over the years but have not materialized. Passover starts on April 14.

Talk of Pollard’s possible release came as Secretary of State John Kerry traveled to Israel on Monday to try to mediate a dispute between Israel and the Palestinians over the release of Palestinian prisoners. Kerry was in Belgium on Tuesday.

The prosecutor who put Pollard in prison is not amused by the speculation.

“My first reaction was that it doesn’t make any sense because it’s literally insane,” diGenova told Business Insider in a phone interview Tuesday. “In the midst of the Edward Snowden scandal, this administration is proposing to release a spy who has done some of the gravest damage ever done to the United States.”

DiGenova repeatedly drew the connection between Pollard and Snowden. He said it would inspire Snowden copycats, who would get the hint the federal government would always be ready to cave under the right circumstances. He even said CIA Director John Brennan should threaten to resign if Pollard is freed, much like former CIA Director George Tenet threatened to do in 1998 amid President Bill Clinton’s consideration of the move.


Sadly, Obama can be as weak as he wants on a host of international issues and the press lapdogs will still make up an angle to make it appear the opposite. And he believes all of his positive press.

Hope. Change. Get us out of here.


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