Why I Haven't Weighed In on the Colbert Controversy

Because it’s stupid. Because the whole thing is just stupid. Because people get themselves worked up just to get worked up. They’re not really outraged. Most of them aren’t. Some of them are, and they’re dumb. Colbert’s tweet was dumb. But why does anyone care? He’s a bad parody of a much more successful broadcaster. He’s occasionally clever, but mostly not. It’s not worth getting lathered up every time someone out there says or does something dumb. In this case, it wasn’t even actually Colbert sending out the tweet that has stirred up all the faux wrath. Everyone knows that. It was some PR flack manning the social media cannon for Comedy Central. Big whoop, you may claim the scalp of some kid no one has ever heard of, while you rage your way into an early heart attack.


This was worth getting angry about, because a real person was actually, publicly slammed by another in a way that was clearly and objectively racist. Let’s hope the apology is real.

Those who are genuinely outraged by Colbert’s tweet, well, they need help. Walking around getting outraged at every little thing you read on Twitter is no way to go through life. Trying to get people fired all the time to hang their pelt on some sort of political scoreboard is a waste of time. Going crazy about things just for the sake of going crazy about things may be the most tiresome aspect of modern life. It’s a First World problem, I know. Others have bigger and far more immediate problems. It’s still tiresome.

Life is too short for this nonsense.


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