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Democrat Tells Americans: You're Too Stupid to Use Our Wonderful Website

When it debuted in October 2013, wasn’t finished. The backend that verifies payments didn’t even work. It had major security flaws. It could not handle even a trickle of the traffic that its designers, the U.S. federal government, should have anticipated.

But Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) has a message for Americans who’ve had trouble using that site: It’s your fault.

“We have hundreds of thousands of people who tried to sign up who didn’t get through,” he said. “There are some people who are not like my grandchildren who can handle everything so easily on the Internet, and these people need a little extra time. It’s not — the example they gave us is a 63-year-old woman came into the store and said, ‘I almost got it. Every time I just about got there, it would cut me off.’ We have a lot of people just like this through no fault of the Internet, but because people are not educated on how to use the Internet.” Emphasis added.

“…through no fault of the Internet…”? Well, no, the entire Internet was not to blame for’s spectacular suckitude. That, according to Harry Reid, was the fault of anyone who had trouble with the site. And older people. He blamed older people in there too.

Previously, Reid called everyone who has reported having problems with their healthcare due to Obamacare liars. So if you’ve had insurance problems and you’ve had trouble using the government’s wonderful, according to Harry Reid, you’re a stupid liar.

The only surprise here is that Reid didn’t find a way to blame all this the Koch brothers. He’ll probably get to that next week.

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