Texas Democrat Alleges Voter Fraud Tipped Primary Race Against Him

State Rep. Lon Burnam (D-TX) smeared supporters of Texas’ voter ID bill as trying to “suppress votes.”

He may be re-thinking that stance now. Burnam lost his March 4 Democratic primary by just 111 votes, to Ramon Romero.


Burnam alleges that he lost because of voter fraud, a phenomenon that Democrats routinely insist does not even exist, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Anna Tinsley.

Burnam, D-Fort Worth, said the goal of the lawsuit is to review data from the Texas House District 90 election “to determine if there were hundreds of illegally cast ballots.”

“I believe I have no choice after receiving multiple reports of an illegal computerized-signature vote-by-mail operation run to benefit my opponent,” Burnam said in a statement. “This operation appears to have clearly violated state law.”

“I have received reports from voters in the district who say they were approached at their door by campaign workers of unclear affiliation who asked them to fill out a vote-by-mail application on an electronic tablet device such as an iPad,” Burnam said in his statement.

“Texas law clearly does not allow the practice of filling out vote-by-mail ballot applications electronically, which the Texas Secretary of State’s has confirmed. Other questionable practices about this operation aside, this renders the entire operation illegal.”

Battleground Texas operatives were caught on tape admitting to engaging in tactics that appear to be voter fraud. Were they the iPad carriers?


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