Enviro Whackos' Lies Led To Fracking Bans

The science of no science.

Environmental activists ginned up false fears about flood-induced contamination from hydraulic fracturing operations in Colorado shortly before voters in the state weighed in on moratoria on the practice, a new report from state regulators shows.

According to the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC), flooding in the state last year did not contaminate water in the area by damaging oil and gas drilling equipment.

“Early on, there were widespread fears that public safety was threatened by damaged oil and gas equipment,” the commission said in a report released last week.

“Those fears later proved to be unfounded, but they attracted nationwide attention nevertheless,” the report found.

‪Environmental activists in the state sought to highlight the supposed environmental dangers posed by fracking ahead of referenda in four Colorado towns that had proposed fracking bans. Three of the bans passed.


Almost every talking point an anti-fracking activist will throw at you has been proven false one or more times. But that doesn’t really slow them down.

The same environmental activists are now gearing up for a statewide ballot initiative to ban fracking in Colorado, and are still touting environmental dangers that the COGCC says never existed.

The crazy hippies were merely a fringe annoyance for decades. Now they influence policy and elections.

Maybe the legal pot will distract them.


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